Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Book Review: Bomb by Sarah Mussi

Read: September  14 - 16  Verdict: 1 Star

I received a free digital copy from the author/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback.

Genesis Wainwright can't remember last night. She can remember the guy she had a blind date with, she can remember feeling that she didn't really like him. But she can't remember the point when, somehow, she ended up with a bomb strapped to her chest.

Bomb tells the story of a day in the life of Genesis, except it's not a normal day. Sudden;y genesis is in a life or death situation. She can blow up at any minute, she has to listen to the voice in her ear and can't even talk to anyone to try and get help. Genesis needs to find out what's going on and save herself, and a lot of other people, in the process.

This book had an amazing concept. As soon as i read the summary, I knew I wanted to read it. The plot could only be thrilling and leave me at the edge of my seat, right? Wrong! I was so bitterly disappointed. I ended up rally hating the main character when I should be feeling nothing but sorry for her, and possibly proud of her for how she is acting. Instead, for some weird reason, she ends up turning the whole situation around into a very weird love triangle, kind of.

I found the whole thing quite unbelievable, despite suicide bombings being a very big and unfortunate reality in today's society. The way she thought just didn't add up for me and I hated the way she kept coming up with these random sayings. I felt like the author was trying to just cram a whole load of nonsense that was probably suppose to make Genesis seem super smart and rational and didn't.

I mean...why didn't she attempt to call the police. Or Holly? Or Dave? Why didn't any of them do anything like that. And Dave's experiences and knowledge didn't seem right for me. From the story i got the jist he hadn't been in the army that long, maybe a year. How could he know so much already? Not buying it.

And the way the police decided, yep, shoot first when the terrorist organisation have a history of abducting young girls and using them as suicide bombers yet they have orders to conduct kill shots?? That just really annoyed me. Also, how did someone spot Genesis as acting oddly, it wasn't explained, the police just showed up. The same with the blind date. How did Genesis end up organising this date? I don't think it was ever explained properly.

And Naz, oh my god Naz. Genesis was so moony over this boy who was obviously so deranged. At first it was pathetic and then it got annoying and hello, I could see what she found out about 70% in, at 10% in. It was so obvious!! And her feelings towards Dave, Genesis you have a bomb strapped to your chest, maybe think about that rather than the way Dave's lips feel. Jeez Louise!

Plus, what the hell was with Genesis' dream just being thrown in the mix? It made no sense to me, though at halfway through I started skim reading because I just couldn't take it anymore,

This book was just trying way too hard, and if it could have been stripped down with the weird messy love relationship(s) taken out of it, it would have been much better. Overall, a really disappointing book.

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