Monday, 21 November 2011

A dog is for life,not just for Christmas.

Around two years ago, a close friend of mine began looking for the perfect dog. She had always been fond of man's best friend,and with all her heart,she wanted to become a dog owner. She wanted her own little bundle of fur that would be her constant companion no matter what.

Being the friend in our small group,that is absolutely dog crazy and with the most experience(with three crazy monsters at home!), Jess came to me and began to ask me all about the dog world. I of course, was thrilled to help,my eyes light up whenever anything is mentioned about our four legged friends and I have a habit of talking about my dogs a bit too much,just like some new parents do about their children. Anyways, I was only too happy to help and proceeded to give Jess a list of family friendly dog breeds,and loan her my favorite book on dog breeds. I, being immersed in the world of dog showing/pedigree dogs, was directing my friend down the road towards buying a pedigree dog. However,I never really thought about suggesting the local dog pound which is the direction Jess and her family walked in the end.

And it was the right direction,a Dogs Trust shelter only having opened recently with lots of waggy tails looking for their 'forever home.' So this is where Jess went and she came back with lots of tails about loads of different dogs that had caught her eye. But one in particular had reached out, grabbed her heart and said 'mine'. And this little doggy was called Shadow.

Like most dogs in Dogs Trust, Shadow hadn't had a great start to life. When she was barely only a puppy herself, she became pregnant with a litter and Shadow and her newborn pups were abandoned in a box at the side of the road. Luckily,someone spotted Shadow and handed her into Dogs Trust where she was treated like a princess, and finally she found Jessica.

Shadow was a small,nervous dog but I could see how gently Jess treated her and knew eventually Shadow would become the bouncy, happy dog she deserved to be. As sixth year ended,and college life began, I didn't see Jessica as often and so didn't see Shadow but I always taught of her when I saw the Dogs Trust ad's on television.

And now less than two years later, I am astonished to find out Jess had to return Shadow to Dogs Trust. Not only do I feel for my friend who is heartbroken but I can't help think of poor Shadow,alone and confused, wondering what she did to be back in Dogs Trust that though is a great place for dogs,is not their forever home.

I don't know the circumstances behind Shadow's return but I do know a little of the type of people my friend's parents are,and it saddens me to think that they can take a living animal,take it's love and trust and return it like a broken toy. I think it's a very easy solution for people who can't handle when a dog is just being a dog, and at the end of the day, we as pet owners are in total control of a living, breathing, animal and it's not fair to toss it back when it starts to bore us or becomes a little bit of work.

This whole story makes me think of the phrase 'a dog is for life,not just for Christmas' and I totally agree with it. I cannot imagine being able to give up any of my dogs,and neither would my parents not only because they are part of our family but because we wouldn't be able to do it to an animal who has become dependent on us. People need to be able to deal with the consequences that having a dog or a cat means, and that includes problems with barking,digging holes or unexpected pregnancies. There's behavioral,and surgical solutions for all kinds of pet problems but people just don't have the time or patience to work it out and instead decide to turn their back on a creature who loves them.

So if you're thinking of getting a dog soon, or a cat, please please remember that it's for life, another 10-16 years of it!And if the pet seems to be giving you trouble, they'll give you far more happiness than trouble by the end of those years,only if you take the time to see.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Downton Abbey

I've already exclaimed it on my Twitter and on my Tumblr account but here is going to be a lovely,longer account of my delight at the new romantic turnings in Downton Abbey.

It's actually one of the best dramas in recent years in my opinion and really has refreshing and lovely romantic plots. All the characters are equally endearing and annoying and from the get go, the relationship between Mary and Matthew Crawley had everyone's eyes glued to the screen.

But the relationship I was always interested in and which I could see blooming quite early on in the first season was that of Sybil Crawley,the youngest and wildest daughter and Branson,the Irish socialist turned Chauffeur for the Crawley household. From the moment he handed her the pamphlets on women's rights, I knew there was something to look for there. And from then on I craved the short but sweet scenes,normally situated in the garage, where Branson exclaimed his love for Sybil and told her he would wait for her.

My favourite would have to be when he egotistically stated to her, "you love me,you just don't know it yet."

And now,finally after 2 seasons and 14 episodes,they have eloped!But who had to go and ruin it all,stupid stuffy Mary Crawley...I mean Mary,you ruined with a capital R,your relationship with Matthew so please don't go ruining Sybil's chance of happiness too even if it is a little unconventional!

I really hope it works out for Sybil and Branson.I'll cry so hard if it doesn't!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Silver Brumbry!

I read a book when I was about 9 or 10 years old called The Silver Brumbry.At the time,I was constantly knee deep in anything that had to do with animals,horses and dogs in particular. I basically had the whole Animal Ark book shelf read in about a month...
So when I was browsing the library,I found this book and it blew my mind. It inspired my very first story-about a wild Appaloosa called Alphonso and his quest in becoming the greatest wild stallion in Ireland.And ever since I have never been able to forget it.

So I made it my mission the past few months to find the book and buy my own copy,and it proved far more difficult than expected.It was an old book and an Australian one at that so not very well stocked. No-where had it bar Amazon and I only use the internet for college due to the fact I need to use Mum's credit card. So that was a no-go but god,I wanted to feel the pages of Thowra's story run through my hands.

And eventually(yesterday) I found it, hidden in the very corner of the very bottom shelf in the 9-12 section in Hodges Figgis. I was so excited I was practically bouncing at the till as I waited for the shop attendant to ring the purchase up!

This book is special and I'm not particularly why but all I know is it made a little girl very happy as she read it for the first time,and allowed her to dream spectacular dreams and sparked a creativity she never knew she had.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Books I like to read...

I thought I would share some titles of recent books I have read,and some of my all time favorites for anyone who is interested...I will also give website links of my favorite authors cause they're awesome!!

1.Sarah Rees Brennan (Author of The Demons Lexicon/Covenant/Surrender)

2.P.C and Kristin Cast (Authors of House of Night series) 

3.Christopher Paolini (Author of Inheritance series)
4.Melissa Marr (Author of Wicked Lovey)

5. Paullina Simmons- The Bronze Horseman, Tatiana and Alexander.

6. Theresa Thomlinson -The Moon Riders

7.Trudi Canavan (Author of The Black Magician Trilogy)


I've been wondering lately about the real magic of Disney.Even now,with my 20th birthday just around the corner,the word 'Disney' sends a shower of excited sparkles straight through my body like a bolt of electricity. I immediately perk my ears up and listen to whatever has to be said about the brand name that certainly shaped my childhood and I know I am not the only one, as I remember the excited exclamations and squeals that ran through my college crowd(Rob included!)when we were informed of the new Disney store opening on Grafton Street during the summer. It has since been opened and I can't help but allow my feet to carry me into it every time I walk past. I pretty much pushed the little children out of the way my first time in the 'princess corner' when you get to wave a wand in front of the mirror and watch magic happen!

This post was thought up in my head just two weeks ago(though yes I am late in putting it up) when I decided to go and see The Lion King 3D. I found out about the 3D version in August and immediately informed my poor boyfriend that we were going,whether he liked it or not. He however,still has the Disney spark and all too delightfully agreed.

I also have close friends who absolutely adore anything 'Lion King'.For many of our generation, 'The Lion King' was the first trip to the cinema, the first real movie we remember watching. I however like to veer more towards 'Mulan' and in the non Disney sense of 'Matilda' but 'The Lion King' still holds a very special place in my heart. Indeed I still have my toy Simba lying around the house and I mourn for the loss of my Pumba teddy-yes,a Pumba teddy,now that symbolizes a cool kid!

So back to the point,I went on two trips to see the 3D movie and each was as good as each other though the excitement of seeing my first 3D movie was slightly diminished the second time but I still enjoyed the experience with my friends and had a good time chuckling at them in the cinema as they sobbed at Mufasa's death(apparently,I have a heart of stone.)

It wasn't only children and their parents that went to see the new Lion King in the cinema. There were many people in their twenties and early thirties that laughed out loud at all the same bits we would have laughed at as children,sometimes we laughed harder,finally being at the age where we understood some of the jokes better.It was a fierce realization to me that the magic of Disney never truly dies in anyone. It is too firmly pressed into our hearts as children, and the imprint of that fabulous 'D' never fades away.

So I challenge anyone to try and watch a Disney Cartoon movie that gave you thrills as a child and try not to fill the same excitement and trepidation as the unmistakable Disney castle rises on the screen and the shooting star streaks across. Go on, I dare you...