Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Silver Brumbry!

I read a book when I was about 9 or 10 years old called The Silver Brumbry.At the time,I was constantly knee deep in anything that had to do with animals,horses and dogs in particular. I basically had the whole Animal Ark book shelf read in about a month...
So when I was browsing the library,I found this book and it blew my mind. It inspired my very first story-about a wild Appaloosa called Alphonso and his quest in becoming the greatest wild stallion in Ireland.And ever since I have never been able to forget it.

So I made it my mission the past few months to find the book and buy my own copy,and it proved far more difficult than expected.It was an old book and an Australian one at that so not very well stocked. No-where had it bar Amazon and I only use the internet for college due to the fact I need to use Mum's credit card. So that was a no-go but god,I wanted to feel the pages of Thowra's story run through my hands.

And eventually(yesterday) I found it, hidden in the very corner of the very bottom shelf in the 9-12 section in Hodges Figgis. I was so excited I was practically bouncing at the till as I waited for the shop attendant to ring the purchase up!

This book is special and I'm not particularly why but all I know is it made a little girl very happy as she read it for the first time,and allowed her to dream spectacular dreams and sparked a creativity she never knew she had.

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