Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I've been wondering lately about the real magic of Disney.Even now,with my 20th birthday just around the corner,the word 'Disney' sends a shower of excited sparkles straight through my body like a bolt of electricity. I immediately perk my ears up and listen to whatever has to be said about the brand name that certainly shaped my childhood and I know I am not the only one, as I remember the excited exclamations and squeals that ran through my college crowd(Rob included!)when we were informed of the new Disney store opening on Grafton Street during the summer. It has since been opened and I can't help but allow my feet to carry me into it every time I walk past. I pretty much pushed the little children out of the way my first time in the 'princess corner' when you get to wave a wand in front of the mirror and watch magic happen!

This post was thought up in my head just two weeks ago(though yes I am late in putting it up) when I decided to go and see The Lion King 3D. I found out about the 3D version in August and immediately informed my poor boyfriend that we were going,whether he liked it or not. He however,still has the Disney spark and all too delightfully agreed.

I also have close friends who absolutely adore anything 'Lion King'.For many of our generation, 'The Lion King' was the first trip to the cinema, the first real movie we remember watching. I however like to veer more towards 'Mulan' and in the non Disney sense of 'Matilda' but 'The Lion King' still holds a very special place in my heart. Indeed I still have my toy Simba lying around the house and I mourn for the loss of my Pumba teddy-yes,a Pumba teddy,now that symbolizes a cool kid!

So back to the point,I went on two trips to see the 3D movie and each was as good as each other though the excitement of seeing my first 3D movie was slightly diminished the second time but I still enjoyed the experience with my friends and had a good time chuckling at them in the cinema as they sobbed at Mufasa's death(apparently,I have a heart of stone.)

It wasn't only children and their parents that went to see the new Lion King in the cinema. There were many people in their twenties and early thirties that laughed out loud at all the same bits we would have laughed at as children,sometimes we laughed harder,finally being at the age where we understood some of the jokes better.It was a fierce realization to me that the magic of Disney never truly dies in anyone. It is too firmly pressed into our hearts as children, and the imprint of that fabulous 'D' never fades away.

So I challenge anyone to try and watch a Disney Cartoon movie that gave you thrills as a child and try not to fill the same excitement and trepidation as the unmistakable Disney castle rises on the screen and the shooting star streaks across. Go on, I dare you...

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