Saturday, 5 November 2011

Downton Abbey

I've already exclaimed it on my Twitter and on my Tumblr account but here is going to be a lovely,longer account of my delight at the new romantic turnings in Downton Abbey.

It's actually one of the best dramas in recent years in my opinion and really has refreshing and lovely romantic plots. All the characters are equally endearing and annoying and from the get go, the relationship between Mary and Matthew Crawley had everyone's eyes glued to the screen.

But the relationship I was always interested in and which I could see blooming quite early on in the first season was that of Sybil Crawley,the youngest and wildest daughter and Branson,the Irish socialist turned Chauffeur for the Crawley household. From the moment he handed her the pamphlets on women's rights, I knew there was something to look for there. And from then on I craved the short but sweet scenes,normally situated in the garage, where Branson exclaimed his love for Sybil and told her he would wait for her.

My favourite would have to be when he egotistically stated to her, "you love me,you just don't know it yet."

And now,finally after 2 seasons and 14 episodes,they have eloped!But who had to go and ruin it all,stupid stuffy Mary Crawley...I mean Mary,you ruined with a capital R,your relationship with Matthew so please don't go ruining Sybil's chance of happiness too even if it is a little unconventional!

I really hope it works out for Sybil and Branson.I'll cry so hard if it doesn't!

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