Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Book Review: Room by Emma Donoghue

Read: October 29 - 31 Verdict: 3.5/3.7 Stars

This book is pretty unique. Told from the point of view of Jack - a five-year-old boy who's only ever known the room he was born into, and his mother is locked into. Jack has a very different perspective on life than a normal child. He has no idea what a playground is, or what grass feels like. He's never felt the sun on his face or sand between his fingers. All Jack knows is his Ma, Rug, Melteded Spoon, Jeep, Remote, TV and other objects in the cork-tiled shed he lives in. 

This was a different way of reading a book and it did take time for me to really understand what Jack was saying. Because of how he was born and raised, he has a different way of describing things. Sometimes he was clear, other times he wasn't. There were certain events, one particularly big event that happened for Jack and his mother that I felt was very rushed. I can't say whether this was on purpose because everything was from Jack's point of view, and as a child it may have happened faster in his mind than an adult POV, but I felt a bit disappointed about how little action happened in that scene. It was a kind of pivotal moment that I wanted all kinds of sights, sounds and actions but because I was looking through Jack's eyes, it was extremely blurred.

This book is a good read, it just wasn't as good as I expected it to be. I do want to go on and read the rest of Emma Donoghue's books though as I feel she is an extremely interesting and diverse writer. Plus, I will definitely be seeing the movie adaption for Room.

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