Thursday, 31 March 2016

Book Review: Ruin by John Gwynne

Read: March 27-31 Verdict: 4 Stars

WHATTT WAS THAT????? I think I need to sit in a dark room for a little while after that one.

This was, again like the other two books in the series, packed with action both thrilling and heart-breaking from start to finish. I always feel like I read this series with my heart in my mouth because I'm so afraid all the time for all of my favourite characters. Again, my favourite POVs were that of Corban, Veradis and Camlin, and I also really enjoyed Maquin's and Haelan's this time around too. I was a bit disappointed with Cywen's character arc in this story as I felt she became somewhat diminished with everything happening around her and in the other books I had really enjoyed her attitude.

One of the best things about this series in my opinion is the animals and the huge role they play. From Storm and Shield to Craf and Fech and then we also have Buddhai, Pots and Daria in this one, plus a few stinking bears and one horrible draig. They have all become really important to me and it hurts just as much when they get hurt as when a main human character gets hurt . ** (Spoilers regarding this topic below)

I really loved some of the sidekicks we saw in this book, from Camlin becoming Meg's favourite person (Camlin has such a heart of gold under his roguish exterior) and then I really enjoyed Haelan's hero-worship of Corban. I supposed get so confused about the ages of all our main characters now because we started off with Corban at quite a young age, it's almost hard to remember he's almost a fully-grown man now with stubble and bicep muscles.

The ending of this killed me. Everything was going so well and then it all went downhill so quickly I mean Meical? What are we going to do now!!!! I just can't...I hate some of the characters in this - Nathair, Lykos, Calidus and Jael so much it makes my blood boil and I really need their comeuppance in Wrath. I need Wrath like right now. RIGHT NOW!


Fech, why!! AND STORM! I refuse to believe Storm is dead, she can't be dead. But because she had her puppies, I think there's a chance she could be dead and Haelan could end up having a new version of Storm in his black-faced puppy. But I really want Storm to live. I just don't see how she can survive that spear to the chest :(

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