Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Book Review: Chantress by Amy Butler Greenfield

Read: May 17-18  Verdict: 3 stars

All Lucy knows is the small cottage on an island. Since she was a small girl, Lucy has been stuck on this island with her guardian with only one instruction - to never, ever, sing out loud. One day, Lucy breaks this sacred rule and is suddenly whisked away, falling smack into the middle of a castle - of an enemy she never knew existed. Lucy discovers that she is no ordinary girl and is, in fact, a Chantress - a witch who can conjure magic through song.

Suddenly Lucy is plunged into a great adventure - learning the ways of chanting with the only other Chantress left and vowing to destroy the book of shadows that brought about the destruction of her race.

This book was a pleasant surprise and a fast read. Lucy is a likeable character and the reader really roots for her during her training and feels when she fails at certain things. The friends Lucy makes are lovely and the blossoming romance Lucy has with a certain apprentice is also a pleasant step in the right direction.

The novel ends in a way that there is no immediate need for another one but the fact that there is one, is a great surprise. It's definitely one I'll be continuing.

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