Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Books I'll Never Read

This week's topic for "Top 5 Wednesday" was "Book's I'll Never Read...Ever" and I'll be honest, it didn't take me long to make a list of books I know I'll never read, or a series I'll know I'll never continue.

My top series is one I bet is on a lot of people's list and that's Fifty Shades of Grey! I read the first book in the trilogy a few years back, before the hype of the movie began - my boyfriend at the time, his mam was reading it and she really enjoyed it so she gave to me. When you think about it, and the topic of the book, that might seem kinda weird but somehow, it wasn't! Anyway, I read the book through a lot of pain at the standard of writing, and muffled exclamations of the pure stupidity of Anastasia Steele. I hated her in a way I've never really hated any other character. Honestly, if I could choose between her and her "inner Goddess" and Professor Umbridge, I'd choose Umbridge!

Anyways, I knew I would never read the books but how did I end up with the whole trilogy sitting on my shelf? I'll tell you, my dad bought them! He's really into The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Divergent, and he assumed when he heard all the hype about Fifty Shades, that this was just another YA trilogy..and it most certainly isn't. I'm pretty sure he opened up one of the books, read a passage, and threw it across the room. Then he gave the books to me, though I'll never read them either and they have obtained a thick layer of dust in the last few years! It just pains me that so many talented writers are turned away from publishers everyday when absolute (excuse my french) shite like Fifty Shades is published and makes millions.

I think due to my bad experiences with Fifty Shades, I was totally put off reading another fan fiction turned novel - After by Anna Todd. Almost everyone knows that After was derived from a fan fiction about One Direction's Harry Styles and much like the way Christian Grey is a shadow of Edward Cullen, the same can be told for the main male character in After. Like I've said in my video, I don't understand why people are so happy to have their fan fiction out their for everyone to know about - I used to write fan fiction but it was a secret that I used to share on writing websites under a different name than my own. While I'd love to be a published author, I'd much prefer my original stories be the ones that get their own bound cover, not my silly fan fictions!

For no reason at all, I just don't want to read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. It's just one of those books that doesn't endear to me and I have no desire to pick it up. I'll be giving it a pass...forever. Sorry Jamie.

I know for a fact I'll never finished of the House of Night series by P.C and Kristin Cast. This was a series that I became enthused with when I was around 14/15 years old. I even used to spend my pocket money on the new books. But it didn't take long for me to become extremely disappointed in the books. As soon as you felt the end was coming, a new book
would be announced. And Zooey, the main character, became more and more annoying - she has unnecessary love triangles again and again and again and she could be extremely juvenile when she was suppose to come across as a mature leader. P.C Cast is an extremely thoughtful and creative writer - I have read several of her Goddess Summoning books and all of her Partholon series, both of which  enjoyed immensely - so I don't know where exactly she went wrong with House of Night. I'll be interested in reading her daughter's new book, who she co-writes House of Night with, to see what Kristin's writing is like solo.

And the last topic I'll never read is anything to do with incest - brother/sister love. Having a little brother myself, it's just gross....

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