Monday, 25 January 2016

Book Review: After You by JoJo Moyes

Read: January 23-25   Verdict: 4 Stars

Me Before You is one of my all-time favourite books and I'm sure many people feel the same as me when they think about how the book could possibly have a sequel that could measure up to the heartwarming yet heartbreaking first book. While After You definitely didn't pack the same punch as it's prequel, I still really enjoyed it.

Lou is one of those characters you really what to know more about. And I'm so happy JoJo Moyes wrote more of her story. I really wanted to know how Lou was doing after the events of Me Before You and all I could for was that she was living well. I was a bit disappointed, Lou was a bit of a mess. And not in the way she was at the start of Me Before You. Now she'd lost her spunk and her sparkle. Her crazy clothes were all packed away, she was working a frankly terrible job and oh yeah, she'd fallen off a roof and almost died. I found myself internally yelling at Lou. How could she have stuck herself in this rut again, how could this be what Will wanted. And of course, it wasn't what he wanted at all.

I loved Lou's slow struggle to pull herself back together. Get over the guilt of what had happened and how to move on and learn to live, and love, again. I was glad she went to the support group, full of people feeling the same kind of pain and I felt her pain was very much realistic. She wasn't going to bounce back into happy Lou again. These things take time, some longer than others.

I wasn't very pleased with the arrival of Lily. In fact, I was pretty pissed. I don't know what it is with that kind of storyline but I hate it. Every time they do it in TV shows or an author does it in a book I want to rip my hair out but that's just a personal peeve of mine. I'm sure there's a lot of people who loved it. Lily was definitely the kind of teenager everyone hates though. The 'I'm so rich but so misunderstood' and then greedy, spoiled and messy and took everything for granted including Lou's free hospitality. I wanted to smack her. I did like the relationship she did have with Lou but I do think Lou felt way too much responsibility for Lily.

And I didn't think there could be a love interest in this book that could measure up to Will. How could I replace anyone with Will in mine and Lou's heart. There was no way anyone could be good enough but then along came Sam the Ambulance Man. Hero and sweetheart. I totally fell in love with his gentle giant cuteness and the way he always handled Lou with such understanding and care. If there's ever another book about Lou, all I can hope is her proper happy ever after with Sam in the house he built with the hands that put her back together after her fall and after Will with their chickens.

Oh and after two books I still detest Lou's sister Treena. So self-righteous and moany and bitchy and just downright UGH. I wouldn't miss her at all if she just disappeared from the books.

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