Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Book Review: A Dog's Purpose by W.Bruce Cameron

Read: January 3-4 Verdict: 5 Stars

This book is phenomenal and an absolute must-read for anyone who has a dog and has ever wondered what they're thinking (ie: anyone who has a dog).

Bailey was first born as Toby, a stray puppy, but after a short and tragic life he became Bailey who found his boy Ethan. Bailey knows deep in his heart that this is the life he was suppose to have, living as a beloved family dog and cuddling up to Ethan every night to protect him. But when Bailey is born again, he's confused. What exactly is his purpose and will he ever fulfill it?

This book is full of both heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. Bailey's love for each of his owners - as Toby, Bailey, Ellie and Buddy - is so beautiful and as I was reading the book, I could see the love described by Bailey being reflected back at me through the melting chocolate eyes of my own dogs and it definitely made me a little bit emotional. The trials that Bailey had to go through in all of his lives are the type of things that would make any animal lover angry and is why animal activism needs to continue - the unreasonable forced surrender of Senora's dogs, Toby being unfairly euthanised, being locked in a HOT car, being Bear and having an owner that didn't understand dogs or their needs - unfairly punishing him for things out of his control - and being abandoned simply because the owner was too selfish and mean-spirited to care for a dog and find them a loving home. These things really made my blood boil because they happen all over the world every single day and I think the way Cameron used these real issues to make the story and bring them to light was really well done.

This book is definitely a roller coaster of emotion. I laughed (Bailey's view on cats and horses is hilarious), I smiled, I was angry and sad. This is literally dog perfection in a book! Pawfect!

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