Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu

Read: May 31 - June 1    Verdict: 5 Stars

In a dystopian world, Day is a teenage boy on the run from a government who want him dead. June is the government's prodigy - the only to every score 1500 in the Republic's exam. When June's brother is killed by Day, June vows to avenge his death. While undercover, June meets a blonder haired kind boy, with an imperfect eye and a limp to his step. But surely this couldn't be the stone cold killer who took away her brother? And does she have the heart to bring him in, where he will surely be killed himself?


Why haven't I read this book sooner? I am literally slapping myself for only discovering the fantastic mind of Marie Lu now.

I just need to say one thing. Day = BAE. What. A. Babe!

I felt the premise of The Republic and its closed off world very good, and realistic. While we were't told too much about it, I could understand the kind of world that June and Day were living in and even more so when June went undercover and travelled around different parts of the poorer community that she had prevously scorned.

While June is definitely a character you warm up to - I'm not actually sure she could ever be described as a 'warm' character, it's not her nature, Day was mine from the first. I really connected with him, and I felt like it didn't long to know and understand him. He was very genuine and true - from his care of his family, to his gentle friendship with Tess.

There was an immediate chemistry between Day and June, and while I'm not 100% sure we haven't seen the last of the Elector's son, though he was only in it for five seconds, i feel like June and Day have found that missing part.

The plot of June finding out many things she believed in wasn't strictly true was written well. I did feel she could have hurried up on it, you know being so smart and all. She's actually rather annoyingly cocky and almost overconfident when it comes to her smarts.

Following the completion of June's mission, the novel slowed up a bit for me. It felt like a lot of it was June just going back and forth from her apartment and thinking about things. But eventually, the action resumed and that ending, ugh, so bittersweet.

Really looking forward to the rest of the trilogy, which I have ordered already!

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