Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Book Review: The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year by Sue Townsend

Read: June 23 - 25     Verdict: 2.7 Stars

Eva is simply fed up and would like the time to simply think. On the day her husband drops her mathematical genius twins off to college, Eva crawls under her duvet and decides she's not coming out again, for at least a year. 

Eventually, word gets round about Eva's decision and she is soon revered as something of a saint. People come to her for advice about everything, the likeness of her face appears in cooked objects and Eva shrinks within herself as her fear of leaving her bed grows and grows.

While this book doesn't contain the laugh-out-loud humour, I associate with Sue Townsend's writing in her Adrian Mole series, it is funny in a more dark and twisty way.

I would definitely say that I enjoyed the first half of this book more than the second half. Once I get past the halfway point, Eva's attitude became a bit more unreasonable and I started getting fed up of her actions and reasoning. She didn't really have any reason to stay in bed, and she expected everyone to do everything for her - and she knew exactly what she was doing to Alexander who became the only likeable character in the story.

I found the twins and Poppy pretty intolerable, and the worst thing was that Poppy didn't even learn anything, have any character development or get any kind of comeuppance in the end. I can be fairly sure that she went on to continue screwing money out of people, and manipulating everyone she met.

Overall, while this book was alright, it just seemed to trail off in the end, and didn't receive a real conclusion of sorts. I'm not sure anything else Sue Townsend has written will ever beat Adrian Mole.

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