Saturday, 11 July 2015

Book Review: Fire Storm by Lauren St. John

Read: July 7 - 8   Verdict: 3.25 Stars

Recap: Casey Blue saved a horse, whom she called Storm Warning, from a knackers yard. Casey, who lived in a poor neighbourhood and who's dad has recently served time in prison, decides that Storm is her chance to make her eventing dreams come true. With the help of some well-meaning people in her local run down stable, and an old friend who turns out to be an expert in all things horses and competing, Casey Blue and Storm Warning become a dream team.

It was really nice to step back into the world of Casey, Storm and Angelica Smith. Fire Storm tells the story of Casey Blue as she prepares to go for the Grand Slam title and win the Burghley Horse Trials with her horse Storm Warning, and the help of her slightly eccentric but utterly devoted trainer Mrs Smith.

Straight away there's an awful tension in this book. There's a lot of issues going on that just never happened in the other books. Casey is riding a horse other than Storm, and you really miss the special connection she has with him and the uncertainty she has when dealing with Roxy is so unsettling. Mrs Smith's health issues, which we learnt about in the previous book are getting worse and making her sacrifice some time from Casey's training - and her student doesn't even know she's sick.

And then blonde, perfect Kyle West walks in, give three bits of advice and Casey is off to join him in his stables. Obviously, not all is as it seems.

I enjoyed Casey's evolvement as a rider, and it was really great to see her connect with Roxy eventually and want to buy her. However, for me, the sub plot was just very bizarre. I also hate the trope of boy sees girl kissing another boy and doesn't wait five minutes to let her explain (or vice versa).

The ending definitely seemed rather abrupt for me, I was kind of shocked when I turned the page and realised there was no more. I can't help but be disappointed with Casey's decision, overall it was rather an odd one even if she didn't want to compete Storm anymore. It felt like she was kind of throwing away her childhood dreams just when they became an actual reality. It just wasn't extremely well-rounded in my opinion.

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