Saturday, 11 July 2015

Book Review: The Legend of the Blue Eyes by B. Kristin McMichael

Read: July 11 - 15    Verdict: 0.5 Stars

Can I give this zero stars? This was so painful to read. The only reason I didn't make it a DNF is because I always finish a book. I kept hoping for this to get better and it just didn't happen.

At sixteen years old, Arianna discovers she's a vampire. Or, to put it correctly, half dearg-dul and half baku (two different species of 'Night Humans', a name I can't take seriously). While the premise of the different species and their war was interesting, the actually story telling really let it down.

From the get go, Arianna was pushed as being an absolute pleasure whom everyone loved and wanted to take care of. Despite being a teenager, she never ever complained about the fact that she had no living family and that she was kind of poor - something extremely unrealistic if you ask me, a little but of grumbling is perfectly natural. Ariana is just too  sickly sweet. She was small in stature and constantly reminded of it. She was far too much of a prim and perfect Mary-Sue for my taste. Her characteristics were far too perfect for me, and they made her very hard to relate to. I found her pretty pathetic.

I felt like there were a lot of inconsistencies with this book. I also felt like every new chapter was basically a rehash of the one before it with a few more details, the same story was played out again and again as Arianna found one more guy that miraculously had loved her since she was a child. It became really boring. I also thought it really convenient that not of the score of men she had trailing after her portrayed no jealousy whatsoever at the fact they had to share her with four other guys because that's just how it is. I honestly felt like nothing happened in this entire book except Arianna feeding and sleeping, that's it. Oh, and her being mollycoddled by pretty much every single person she met. There was zero action, and pretty much zero of anything of any worth....

Whatever it was about this book, it just didn't work for me at all. The only thing it resulted in doing was to put me in a bad mood and want me to take a big leap back from fantasy for a while. I have never ever been tempted to put down a book more than when I reading this...and this is coming from someone who managed to make it through Fifty Shades of Grey.

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