Thursday, 20 August 2015

Book Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

Read: August 12        Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The Fill-In Boyfriend follows the story of Gia, and her strange relationship with pretty much everyone in her life. Her college boyfriend dumps Gia at prom, before she can show him off to all her friends - and in doing so, prove he's a real person. Gia ends up enlisting a kind stranger in pretending he's her boyfriend and finds some interesting friendships along the way, and discovers some things she never knew about herself either.

I thought this was a really cute book! I flew through it, reading it in more or less one sitting. While I understood the concept of a new girl infiltrating a group of friends and trying to turn them all against one particular person, the action of Gia's friends and family definitely ended up taking off a .5 star for me.

Considering Gia has been friends with these girls for years, and in particular Claire, it's pretty awful that they would act the way they did when Jules tried to undermine Gia again and again and again. And the fact Claire would just go against her like that. Ugh, a bit unrealistic..and the fact that we didn't quite see the friendship mend was a little bit annoying.

As for Hayden and Gia's relationship, it was so cute. Hayden was such a decent lovely guy. His sister was a bit harsh towards Gia for a good while at the start of the book and it did irritate me a little bit but eventually I warmed up to her and obviously her relationship with Gia got better.

And as for Gia's parents, they were definitely a bit biased towards her brother, and it wad very harsh how they treated her compared to him. And I can't believe she never really confronted her parents about the GPS tracker in her phone, creepy much?

Overall, this was a super cute read and I did really enjoy it. I just wish the other people in Gia's life had been a tad more realistic and understandable. And that Jules had got her comeuppance...or a really bad acne breakout. 

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