Thursday, 27 August 2015

Book Review: Malice (The Faithful and the Fallen Book One) by John Gwynne

Read: May 21- 25   Verdict: 5 stars

This is an action packed book based around a world called The Banished Lands. Similar to book series like A Song of Ice and Fire, the story is told through various characters POVs from several different areas of that world and from both good sides and bad sides. We learn that there are two Gods in this world, Elyon and Asroth equivalent to God and Satan - Elyon has disappeared but the evil Asroth is planning on making a comeback.

A prophecy states that human avatars of the Gods will be born, but who is who? Characters range from Nathair, the son of the High King Aquilus, his brother-in-arms and closest companion Veradis, Kastell and Maquin - two soldiers looking for a destiny, Evnis, a desparate man willing to sell his soul for power and then Corban, a son of a simple blacksmith who wants to become a soldier and learn to fight for his people.

This is so interesting, and despite the various number of characters, really easy to follow. There's no huge gap between good and evil either and it really keeps you guessing for a long time about who is the Seren Disglair (Elyon's avatar) and who is the Black Sun (Asroth's avatar). There's angels among men, both good and bad, giants, huge wolves and much more. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves an action-packed fantasy book but expect to be on the edge of your seat throughout!

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