Sunday, 2 August 2015

Book Review: Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Read: July 31 - August 2 Verdict: 3.8/ 4 stars

I'm actually surprised that I liked this book and ended up giving it 4 stars!

Aza has suffered from a lung condition her whole life and has more or less come to terms with the fact she won't live much longer past her sixteenth birthday. Then, Aza starts seeing ships in the sky, birds start talking to her and she finds a feather in her lung. Before too long, Aza will come to realise that everything she thought about herself is a lie and she discovers who she really is.

I really didn't like this book the first chapter or so. It was so cliche, the sick girl with the hot friend and the sick girl fights the sympathetic world by being brass and sarcastic and joking about her imminent death. I'm been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I felt like Aza (or more so the author) was trying so hard to get across how 'funny and sarcastic' Aza was that it was almost like an offence of words being hurled across my eyeballs. I almost felt like i had to duck for cover and shout, 'Okay, okay, I get it!'

Once, shall I say, the ball got rolling and Aza found herself on her ship in the sky, the story progressed a lot more nicely for me. It certainly wasn't perfect and it slowed up a few times (more so around Jason's chapters, I don't think they were that necessary. Also. I'm sick of the sick girl having a male best friend who ends up conveniently really hot. Why can't he just be an ordinary guy?). I liked Aza's character development, she was strong to begin with and she became stronger and obviously learned to use her abilities as well. The whole world of Magonia is amazing, and I would really like to find out more about it.

I don't think the ending was great, it felt a bit meh for me. Maybe, it would have been better to leave it on a cliff-hanger rather than the 'I'm just going to stay here and be comfortable until they find me and the shit hits the fan' kind of motto.'

Overall, the book surprised me and was very different to what I thought it would be. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to more!

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