Friday, 21 August 2015

Book Review: Vets on Call by Cathy Woodman

Read: August 10 - 21 (I put it down for a week while on holiday)   Verdict: 2.8/3 stars

I'm torn between giving this a 2.8 star or a 3 star rating. I'm honestly torn!

Vets on Call tells the story of Shannon, a veterinary nurse living in the countryside town of Talyton St George. Shannon is pretty content with life until new vet Ross roars up on his motorbike, and ends up claiming her heart. Life is good until a disaster happens and soon Shannon is faced with an ordeal she never imagined. 

This is actually the ninth book in the Talyton St George series but each book is written in a way that it could be read as a stand alone novel. I've never read any of the other books so this was my first Cathy Woodman tale. At first, the title was what made me pick it up in the library, vets yes, animals yes, love story yes! It had all the ingredients, however..I found it a little bit boring.

While the town is beautiful and some where I'd like to live, it is common in that it has all its odd assortment of various big and small characters. I felt like these characters were overly described sometimes, and I'm sure they appeared in other books so if they got the same kind of description in each book, I bet that can get very annoying. I also found most of the dialogue in the book a little bit...much? It's almost as if they just said too much and I felt that it seemed unnatural...I don't really know anyone who would really talk in such a way and it threw me off the book.

Also, the life-altering even happened in the last quarter of the book, so there was a really big build up of it happening and then I felt like the event itself and the recovery were slightly rushed. I would have preferred the relationship to have been deeper and progressed better earlier on in the book, there was too much fapping about nothing for a while, and then maybe more time could have been dedicated to the accident. If I come across another book in this series in my library, I'll pick it up but I don't think I'll actively seek it out

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